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I Covered My Camera Lens, But They Still Saw Me Coming

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

I heard Brad Pitt's voice in my head at 4 this morning. It was from the movie Inglorious Bastards. "We got a saying in America. If something's too good to be true...It ain't." Then, I immediately thought about the brand new Ruff Cycle Ebike I ordered online for $89 last night.

I've never considered myself a genius, but I'm not a moron either.

Last night I wondered how they could sell the product so cheap. I looked up reviews on the bike, watched videos from people who bought the bike. To be honest, I was more curious about what was going to show up on my doorstep when it arrived. What was the catch? Was I going to have to assemble it myself? It didn't occur to me to look up Ruff Cycle Scam until this morning. It wasn't the bike that was crap; it was the website! I may get my money back, or I may have bought myself an $89 lesson. At least the shipping was free.

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