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Plays by Jay Cameron Parker

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I love the theater, and I love writing for the theater. There's nothing like taking a live audience on a journey of laughter, suspense, or heartbreak. When it works, it's terrific. When it doesn't work, it's horrible - yet still pretty darn exciting.

​Below you'll find several plays that worked and worked well.  Some were published for a while until the publishing company went belly up. I ran my own theater for over a decade in the L.A. area; these plays were worked, molded and produced there. We had a minimal space and a smaller budget, but we never let that keep us from having big ideas.


They are all available for production. Please contact me if interested.​


Iceberg Ahead!

A theater producer will stop at nothing to keep his new show afloat.  

     - “a side-splitting farce! Bawdy jokes, exaggerated performances, and a plot rife with mistaken identities, double-entendres, and slapstick buffoonery.” - LA Weekly

4 women, 4 men. Two simple sets.


A dark comedy in five acts about a dive bar in Los Angeles. Performed by an ensemble cast.
3 women, 3 men, one teenage boy. One set.

bar talk 1.jpg
aint she sweet cast.jpg

Ain't She Suite

Madness and mayhem checks-in to the Golden State Hotel in 1928 in this mind-bending farce that tips it's hat to the silent movie era.  Act one takes place in the lobby. Act two takes place in a room upstairs. Both acts happen at the same time on the same night.
6 men, 4 women

shadows photo.jpg

A Shadow In The Fog

I'm not going to pretend I wasn't inspired by Alfred Hitchcock's The Lodger  when I penned this. A foreigner shows up in the middle of the night at a London boarding house while a serial killer roams the streets. From there this suspenseful tale twists and turns until it's harrowing conclusion.

Could be performed as a long one act or a short two act. 4 men, 3 women. One set.

Chic Golden's Big Comback

This long one act farce takes place during the golden age of television. Stan Hale breaks his comedy partner out of a mental hospital and talks his way onto a live television talk show where chaos erupts.
Simple sets. 5 men, 3 women

al and I a&b.jpg

The Party's Over

Inspired by a Georges Feydeau farce this fast paced one act deals with a guy who falls off the wagon and throws a party while his wife is away. He doesn't remember any of it, but an array of oddball neighbors and sketchy new friends are determined to jog his memory before his wife returns.

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